The brands aim to bring together key players in the ecosystems and develop them internationally, thus highlighting French successes and key strengths.

French Fab


Launched in 2017, “La French Fab” is supported collectively by the Alliance Industrie du Futur, Bpifrance, Business France, France Industrie, the Direction Générale des Entreprises and France’s regions. These key players are committed to an eco-friendly approach and concerned about the common good. In France an around the world, they’re working to renew the industrial sector, reinvigorate France’s regions, make industrial jobs more attractive, and draw attention to French industrial excellence.

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French Healthcare


French Healthcare is an innovative initiative aiming to unite French businesses, researchers and healthcare professionals for them to jointly promote their activities, expertise and technologies internationally.

Biotech companies take over BIO Digital
Find out more about France’s health industry in six subject areas:
Medical devices in France
Health tech in France
Digital healthcare in France
Healthcare in France
The Silver economy in France
Medicinal products in France

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French Tech


Launched in 2013, the French Tech initiative has been implemented by the French government to structure and reinforce the existing ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, to accelerate growth and support the momentum of “La French Tech”, and also to step up its international influence.


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