Documents Relating To COVID-19 Social Measures

1. How can companies keep doing business during COVID-19 ?


2. How can I ensure my employees remain healthy and safe and keep operations running ?


3. In preparation for the gradual easing of the lockdown restrictions and the full recovery of economic activities in France do employers need to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees going to work in order to ensure their protection in the workdplace ?


4. How can employers procure protective face masks and other personal protective equipment for employees present or returning to the workplace following the easing of the lockdown restrictions ?


5. What is the health-related guidance when a work area has proved to be contaminated ?


6. What solutions are provided for vulnerable employees or on paid leave or absence for childcare ?


7. Is it possible to increase employees’ working hours during this health crisis ? (exceptional circumstances)


8. What mechanisms can be used in case of business fluctuations as a result of the crisis ?


9. What are the general rules regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal ?


10. What is the role of the CSE and when should it be informed consulted ?


11. Do employers need to provide protective face masks to employees going to workd ? I have a stock of face maks that are subject to requisition or a supply that exceeds my needs : what is the correct procedure ? 


12. How can employees benefit from the exceptional purchasing power bonus ?


13. What measures have been taken to encourage recruitment during the health crisis ?